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13 API

Djula external symbols documentation

Function: (compile-template*name)

Compiles template NAME with compiler in CURRENT-COMPILER

Function: (url-encodestring)

URL-encodes a string using the external format EXTERNAL-FORMAT.

Variable: *current-store*

The currently in-use template store. Defaults to a FILE-STORE.

Variable: *allow-include-roots*
Variable: *current-compiler*
Variable: *fancy-debug-p*

When enabled, displays fancy html based debugging information for the {% debug %} tag

Variable: *template-package*
Function: (fetch-template*key)

Return the text of a template fetched from the CURRENT-STORE.

Function: (url-encode-pathpath)
Function: (url-decode)
Macro: (def-tag-compilername args &body body)
Function: (find-template*name &optional (error-p t))
Variable: *fancy-error-template-p*

When enabled, show a fancy template when an error occurs.

Variable: *default-language*
Function: (render-template*template &optional stream &rest *template-arguments*)


Variable: *default-template-arguments*
Function: (add-template-directorydirectory &optional (template-store *current-store*))

Adds DIRECTORY to the search path of the TEMPLATE-STORE

Variable: *catch-template-errors-p*

When enabled, caught errors during the rendering of the template are written to the output instead of being handled by the lisp listener

Variable: *current-language*
Variable: *verbose-errors-p*

When enabled, errors are displayed more verbosely. Good for debugging

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